The Jefferson City Speed Skating Club (JCSSC) is a club for everyone interested in short track speed skating! Age or ability is not important so come and try it out.  We will teach you everything you need to know to have fun and go fast on the ice!  Click "Read More" below for answers to many questions that you may have about short track speed skating and JCSSC.  For more information call Kirk Bonnot at 573-338-3324 or Paul Rudder at 573-635-7995.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost?
A: The costs are minimal.  The club has no monthly or annual fees. Basicall it's just a $5 drop-in fee for each practice.  You can pay for the entire season in advance and save some money. We practice on Tuesday at 4:45 and Sunday at 4:30.  We are on the ice for an hour.   

Q:  Do I have to buy equipment?
A:  We have high quality equipment speed skating equipment available for rent. 

Q:  There's really no age limit?
A:  Young and old people skate and every age in between.  In fat, it's a great family sport where parents and kids can participate together.  Look at the Geyer or Hughes families in our club.

Q:  Is there a commitment?
A:  Club members simply try to make practices the best they can.  It is a team atmosphere and represent the team when we compete but short track speed skating is an individual sport.  There is no making the team and nobody is depending on you to be at practice or attend a meet.  If you do want to compete there are opportunities to compete with other skaters of your skill level regardless of your age or ability.  

Q:  So there are competitions?
A:  There are typically 3 main meets the club goes to, including our own meet here in Jefferson City.  The other meets we attend are in St. Louis.  All are sanctioned by US Speedskating and the Missouri Speed Skating Association (MOSA).  Also they are usually run as ability meets.  Ages that compete generally run age 4 through Grand Masters (50+)

Q:  Do you have to compete?
A:  You don't have to compete.  You can speed skate at our practices because it is fun and a great form of exercise and not attend any meets.

Q:  What if I don't know anything about speed skating and I'm not a great skater?
A:  We have knowledgeable coaches and will help you learn and practice.  You do need to be able to skate.  Participants, of any age, must already be comfortable with the basics of skating, i.e. push & glide and getting back up unassisted, and be able to follow group instructions.  

Q:  How is the best way to get started?
A:  You can come to the rink and try it out during the season.  For more information call Kirk Bonnot at 573-338-3324 or Paul Rudder at 573-635-7995.  Another great way to start is to attend our camp.  It is usually in August.  Watch this web site for dates.  

Q:  Are there any good skaters?
A:  We have some very good skaters currently in the club and in the past.  Most notable being Carly Wilson who was a member of the US National Speed Skating Team.